LED Recessed Lighting in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes to commercial LED lighting is that it is perfect for smaller spaces, and can even be recessed into the ceilings and walls to help keep things as open as possible. We’ve all seen the typical round or square recessed lights, and we may have some of these at home as well. But what if you could have LED lights in a strip that runs in a square in the ceiling of your Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, or surrounding area office? You would get the same general area lighting, but the light would seem to come from the ceiling or wall itself. JPEG, Inc. can show you all of the latest styles in LED recessed lighting for your home or office.

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LED Recessed Lighting in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, FL

LED Recessed Lighting Installation

Unless you are a certified electrician, it is best to have the experts at JPEG, Inc. come to do the installation of your LED recessed lights. Not only because the wiring can be a challenge, but some of the new LED commercial lights can be a challenge to install. There are some lights that must be assembled on-site and aren’t fully put together because the size might need to be adjusted.

Then there are the more unusual commercial LED lighting options that are even more of a challenge to install. There are lighting options that are little more than strips, and these can be installed in the ceiling, in the wall, or both, and they can be positioned in a way as to be a bit artistic as well. These LED lights can do this because the heat generated is very minimal compared to older lights like fluorescents. If you are doing a new construction or a big/extensive remodel, you have lots of different options for commercial LED lighting.

LED Recessed Lighting in office building in Weston

LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit

Doing a lighting retrofit is a common way that a commercial business can not only save money in the long-term but allows them to brighten up the building, both inside and outside. What was common in recessed lighting is the round can light, and these can be found in meeting rooms, hallways, and more. There are direct replacements available for this style of a recessed light, or it might also be possible that you don’t have to change out the fixture, making it even less expensive.

You will have a reduced energy bill month after month, and you will find that the light will be both brighter and more natural. Some of these retrofits will actually look nicer as well, so an increase in aesthetics can be realized. Doing these retrofits can be a time-consuming process, and if you haven’t done them, you might find some issues that you didn’t expect. JPEG, Inc. has done thousands of retrofits just like yours and is prepared for any oddities that come up. For more information on LED recessed lighting, contact JPEG, Inc. today.