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Electrical Service In Cooper City, Davie, Pembroke Pines, Southwest Ranches, Weston, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

When you need electrical service, such as repairs, emergency electrical service, or routine electrical maintenance in Cooper City, Davie, Pembroke Pines, Southwest Ranches, Weston, FL, and the surrounding areas, you need a certified electrical contractor with experience and availability. This is why you should call in the experts from JPEG, Inc. to handle all of your electrical service needs.

Electrical tasks are not recommended as DIY projects. Working with electricity can be dangerous, and even seemingly simple tasks can lead to serious consequences if not handled properly. Our team saves you time because we have all of the needed items with us on our trucks, which means that you don’t need to run to the hardware store a dozen times in an attempt to complete your electrical project. Plus, you know that everything we do is up to code and is safe. Let our team handle all of your electrical maintenance and repair needs by contacting us today.


Electrical Service for When You Find Old Wiring

Unless you have x-ray vision, you don’t know what is on the inside of your walls and ceilings until you get into it. Many times what should be a straightforward task becomes a lot more complicated when we uncover substandard wiring or old wiring. Over the last several decades the electrical code has evolved with wiring standards and other aspects that have been learned through hard trial and error as well as testing. This results in a safer home or business, but it means that many times we need to upgrade your electrical panels or wiring to fix the issue.

Knob and tube wiring was from nearly a hundred years ago, yet in some parts of older homes this is still in use. Encountering this means you need to have some way to make this safe while still providing you the electrical use you expect. Only a properly trained and certified electrician is in a position to deal with this electrical repair properly to ensure you continue to remain safe with the electrical service in your home.

Everything from Electrical Repairs to Upgrades with Smart Home Technology and Everything in Between

Poorly executed electrical work can lead to overheating, sparking, and electrical fires. Faulty wiring or connections can cause the insulation to melt, leading to short circuits and potential fire hazards. Old electrical systems can pose a threat to your building or may break down over time. For whatever the reason, the team at JPEG Inc. is ready to provide you with expert electrical repairs and other electrical service in Cooper City, Davie, Pembroke Pines, Southwest Ranches, Weston, FL, and the surrounding areas.

With the advancements in technology for the home, more and more people are turning to making their home a smart home. This involves low-voltage electrical connections to connect devices in your home with your internet connection as well as having a central point to manage all of your home’s devices in the home. Home security cameras, HVAC system, whole home audio, and many more options are available for your home, and having them all wired professionally will ensure that they all work together.

From adding outlets in your garage to running electrical service to your shed to enhancing your home to be a smart home, our team at JPEG, Inc., can make sure your home or business is fully code-compliant. Talk with our team today about your electrical service needs and more.

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